The Morning After: Tesla starts selling Cyberquads for kids

Tesla is selling a scaled-down one Children’s version of his Cyberquad ATV for the offspring of EV owners around the world. For the uninitiated, when Tesla announced its beefy, alien-looking cybertruck, it also promised that a similar-looking ATV would debut on the side. With both the truck and ATV in the works, you can get your kids a unit that will impress everyone at your next off-road get-together. With a lithium-ion battery with a reported range of 15 miles and a top speed of 10 MPH, the kids’ Cyberquad will return $ 1,900, but be aware that orders are not guaranteed to get you before the holidays.

– Dan Cooper

The smart home gizmo receives some additions to the quality of life.

Today’s edition of “intrusive or useful” offers Alexa after Amazon has launched its. has updated Custom sound detection with new features. Long story short, while you could manually train Alexa to have her microphones watch out for running water or a beeping washing machine, it will now do it automatically. That means your phone lets you know when someone has been sloppy on the tap or needs to change clothes. Another big innovation is the ability for Alexa to refill prescriptions via the Amazon pharmacy, conveniently from wherever your Alexa is parked.

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This is allegedly due to the shortage of chips and the desire for something new.

David Imel for Engadget

Apple reportedly told its suppliers that they would expect fewer iPhone 13 orders over the next year. Apparently, demand for the new phone has declined before the holiday season due to the chip crisis and rumors about the iPhone 14. Apple had previously reduced its initial orders by 10 million, but told its suppliers at the time that it would order more if the materials were less restricted. This is reportedly no longer the case, however, but we are confident that – as usual – Apple will continue to report mega profits when it releases its quarterly reports.

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It will also be the first model to be made in the USA.

Preview of the Polestar 3 with camouflage.

Pole Star

Polestar has an early look at that Polestar 3, the company’s first U.S.-made SUV, slated for launch sometime in 2022. Covered in camouflage, the whip promises to be greener (but it’s still an SUV) and full of even more technology. Among the gadgets and gizmos we are likely to see include new LiDAR sensors combined with NVIDIA computer technology for hands-free driving on the highway. Of course, the details will continue to be drip fed for the months to come, but it definitely looks like it, right?

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You’re going to get some serious “You Only Live Twice” vibes from it.

Image of the new Rocket Lab launcher.

Missile laboratory

Rocket Lab shows its Next generation neutron vehicle, a fully reusable satellite launch platform. With a new carbon composite body, the company has focused on maintaining its low weight and ease of reuse despite the larger dimensions. And unlike traditional rockets, the first stage carries the second stage up into the sky in your body. Once at the top, the first stage opens its ride – described as a hungry (hungry) hippopotamus mouth – to send the second stage on its way.

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Although I’m not sure we are all using the same emojis in the same way.

Today I learned that the Unicode Consortium is calling the crying emoji tears of joy. And not, as I’d thought, that feeling of boredom when things go wrong in the stupidly ironic way. Whichever way you describe it, the picture that tear down your cheek is that the most used emoji in the world and that since 2019. In fact, much of the world has changed since 2019, but the way we use small pictures to convey our emotions hasn’t changed. Especially when you’re telling the world how you screwed up something in the dumbest ironic way possible.

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