SPC Gear VIRO Infra Affordable Gaming Headset

If you are looking for an affordable gaming headset, you might be interested in the new SPC Gear VIRO Infra at a price of 38 €. The gaming headset, available from today, has a detachable microphone and offers universal compatibility thanks to its standard 3.5 mm mini jack connector. The headphones are compatible with a wide variety of platforms and devices, including Windows, Linux and Mac PCs, phones with 3.5mm mini jacks, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo switch Consoles.

“These new headphones are characterized by their warm and deep soundstage, together with the ability to position sounds precisely in the room. The sturdy construction and frame can withstand countless nights of war (or peace) in games. They are also equipped with a precise and efficient detachable microphone. “

SPC Gear VIRO Infra Gaming Headset

“The VIRO Infra headphones make noises such as explosions, shots or even steps and weapon reloads in games clearly audible and position them precisely in the virtual space. The 50 mm drivers produce a detailed sound with powerful bass, clear highs and mid-tones that effortlessly reproduce ambient noise. Thanks to the wide soundstage, it has never been easier to locate opponents on the virtual battlefield. The deep ear cushions and closed headphone structure also help limit noise leakage and suppress unwanted background noise.

Clean and clear communication when playing with friends or in a team is the key to success. For this reason, VIRO Infra has been equipped with a microphone that precisely records the user’s voice. Thanks to its directional characteristic, ambient noise is automatically attenuated so that teammates only hear what they should hear. It is also possible to completely separate the microphone so that the VIRO Infra can work outdoors with a smartphone. “

“To make the headphones more comfortable to wear, the headband was covered with soft foam and a PU leather trim that was pleasant to the touch. The ear cushions are made of a breathable material and are filled with foam to isolate ambient noise while keeping the user’s ears comfortable, especially on hot summer days. These properties, together with their low weight, make VIRO Infra headphones extremely pleasant to use and allow many hours of intensive gaming on the computer or console without the usual discomfort that other headphones can cause.

Thanks to the standard 3.5 mm mini jack connector, VIRO Infra headphones are compatible with the most popular devices, including Windows, Linux and Mac PCs, smartphones with 3.5 mm mini jack connectors, Xbox, PlayStation and even switch Consoles. Regardless of which platform users prefer, the VIRO Infra has them covered in terms of high quality sound, comfort and durability. “

Source : SPC

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