Ranking data for over 80 sub-genres now available in GameIntel

Stand up, recruit. You can now track ranked matches in more chart types than ever before. consists of a completely new division of over 80 subgenres. Including everything from “Snipers”, “Tower Defense” to “Romance Games”.

We have three important changes for you to make today. In GameIntel you can now:

There’s a lot to explain here. So equip yourself and let’s get started.

What’s new in GameIntel

1. Filter the charts by over 80 subgenres

In addition to the standard App Store categories (such as Hyper-Casual, RPG, and Sports), you can now explore aggregated GameIntel charts for more than 80 other sub-genres (such as Tower Defense, Snipers, and Real-Time Strategy).

We have categorized hundreds of thousands of games and are calculating these new charts for each country and possible game genre. You now have a lot more granularity than ever before. Would you like to see which shooter games in Denmark are the best? Now you can.

To get started, just log in and check out the top games dashboard. You’ll see a new “GameIntel Genre” drop-down right next to “Store Category” (this is the default table). Click on this new drop-down menu and select your genre or sub-genre to load the new ranks.

To give you an example of what this means, any day you can watch all of the top tier tactical shooter games in the US.

We have created an aggregated ranking for each subgenre
These subgenres are exclusive to GameIntel. They don’t exist in the app stores. So we had to be a little clever with how we ranked them for them. We did this in three ways:

1. Tagging more than 150,000 games with:

  • Sub genre: like sniper, tactical shooter, hyper-casual, and more
  • Contextual data points: specific mechanics, platforms, audiences, art style and more

2. Estimate metrics for top chart games:

  • Estimated data: We use our data from over ⅓ of players worldwide to build industry-wide estimation models and provide performance estimates for the metrics of top games such as DAU, MAU and retention.

3. Analysis of the historical and global trends for each game to get one:

  • Performance score: based on ratings, reviews and more
  • Visibility Score: based on how many countries the game is released in and how often they are ranked

And through machine learning, we use all of this data to create our own aggregated ranking for each subgenre. That means you can now see specific games and sub-genres performing on the charts instead of the standard App Store genres.

2. You can sort by metrics

Not only can you filter by different sub-genres, but you can now sort all the top games in descending or ascending order based on specific metrics.

If you review a top chart you will now see a grid with lots of columns covering all the important metrics like retention, DAU, ARPPU. These are all estimated numbers for each game on the charts. So, would you like to see a list of the US Logical Puzzle Games with the highest D7 retention? Well, that is exactly what you can do now with just a few clicks.

To give you another example, you can “re-rank” all of the sniper games in Russia in the order of those with the highest number of sessions.

Here’s a full breakdown of what you can sort the charts by:

  • Downloads
  • GIVE
  • D1 retention
  • D7 retention
  • D30 retention
  • session duration
  • Number of sessions
  • Playtime
  • Visibility assessment
  • Performance evaluation

3. And you can unlock all of this in our starter level

It’s included in our new affordable pricing plan that costs just $ 99 per month. And it includes everything we mentioned above.

If you’re already a GameIntel Premium user (either Indie or higher), you’ll see these updates immediately. If not, you can unlock them all in our Starter Level. You can see what else is included and get a full price breakdown here.

After activation, simply log in, go to one of our dashboards (e.g. Top Games) and you will see the new filter option as well as all new columns with each individual metric.

What’s next?

We have many more updates coming soon. We fixed bugs, categorized more and more titles every day and also worked on some larger releases that will follow shortly. Keep an eye on this area or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

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