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Redesigned Phyn Plus, a smaller, more affordable water monitor

Phyn has announced a second generation of Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff, the company’s answer to smarter water, in a smaller form factor and at a cheaper price under $ 500. As a flagship product from Phyn, the latest Phyn Plus includes a built-in automatic shut-off valve for the water main and retains all of the Smarts introduced with the original Phyn Plus.

“The new version of the Phyn Plus is better in many ways – smaller, lighter, more affordable, and enables more consumers to protect their homes from the devastating water damage,” said Ryan Kim, Phyn CEO, in a press release. “We have redesigned the device to incorporate key features in demand from the Phyn homeowner and tradesman community, making it more economical and easier to install.”

Smaller size, lower cost

By reducing the size of the case by 25% and reducing the power supply, Phyn is responding to plumbers and homeowners who want to install the system but may have limited space. The second generation has an overall length of less than 12 inches. including the dual 1-in. NPSM ends with external threads so it fits into tighter spaces. These fittings are compatible with the PEX installations that dominate modern homes, as well as with conventional copper and PVC fittings. The device can be installed horizontally or vertically.

The new Phyn Plus is less than 12 inches from end to end. Image: Phyn.

Unlike some competing products, the new Phyn Plus can be installed both indoors and outdoors and is IP55 certified for dust and water resistance. Remember that there must be a power outlet nearby and an earth leakage circuit breaker is recommended.

Best of all, Phyn has cut the suggested retail price to $ 499, $ 200 less than the original Phyn Plus.


The Phyn app. Image: Phyn.

In addition to the automatic water shut-off valve, Phyn Plus integrates the company’s pressure wave monitoring technology, which allows the smallest changes in water pressure to be measured 240 times per second. This makes it easier to identify the unique signature of each device in the water network and generate warnings and water saving measures if changes to these signatures indicate a small leak or a broken pipe.

As expected, fine-grain measurements of water consumption and general preventive health checks of the sanitary system are recorded.

All of this works with the free Phyn app. In addition, Phyn Plus integrates well with the Phyn Smart Water Sensor system so that water leaks can be detected anywhere in the house and appropriate action can be taken (e.g. if moisture is detected behind the refrigerator or near the HVAC system) .

In addition, a frost warning function warns homeowners of the potential for pipe bursts in the case of impending severe winter weather. Of course, the auto-shutoff function can switch off the main water supply in the event of such a disaster. You can also use the Phyn app to remotely shut off the water at any time.

Now available

The new Phyn Plus is available for $ 499 MSRP at Phyn.com, Belkin.com, BestBuy.com, Costco.com, and HomeDepot.com.

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