Nudge tags help prevent food waste in your refrigerator

If, like me, you sometimes forget the use-by date of food in your fridge or leave leftover, previously cooked food in your fridge a little too long, you may be interested in a new tag system called nudge, which is specifically designed to remove food waste in your fridge Avoid refrigerator. “The nudge tag is an efficient system for taking your intent and physically attaching it to the target food with an inexpensive smart tag. There’s no need to memorize multiple dates and the information needed to change behavior is right next to the action. ”Early bird supporter pledges are now starting at around $ 149 or $ 112 each for the unique project according to current exchange rates).

Avoid food waste

The PUCK acts as an interactive hub that helps prevent food waste

– It accepts entries on the timeline from you for groceries.
– Keeps the data synchronized between the tags via Bluetooth.
– Updates the data in the secure cloud via Wi-Fi.
– Detects the opening of the refrigerator door and lets the tags light up.
– Provides summary information when the door is closed.

“Over 800 million people around the world sleep hungry every day. In the US alone, 40 million tons of food are wasted every year. The nudge tag ecosystem intends to use the power of technology and connectivity to build a bridge between these two worlds. The campaign does not raise funds for charity and / or donations. It is designed to help you save money and stop food waste. The average family in the United States loses $ 1,500 worth of groceries each year. That’s $ 120 a month! Groceries bought but never used. Leftovers saved but forgotten. Food deliveries that are to be “consumed later”.

Assuming the Nudge Tags funding campaign successfully achieves its required pledge target and production proceeds smoothly, it is expected to ship worldwide sometime in July 2022.

For a full list of all available project commitments, stretch goals, additional media and food waste prevention specifications, please visit the Nudge Tags crowdfunding campaign official page by clicking the link below.

Nudge tags prevent food waste

Source: Kickstarter

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