Sonos may be working on a mini subwoofer

Sonos may have an intriguing addition to its lineup planned. In a Reddit post discovered by Android Police, a Sonos user recently noticed that the S2 app mentions a “Sub Mini” speaker when you click the “More Info” prompt when adding a second Sub to an existing home theater setup tap.


Sonos doesn’t currently sell a product called Sub Mini. In the screenshot shared online, the company describes the speaker as a “smaller, cylindrical subwoofer” that cannot be paired with a third generation sub for a dual subwoofer setup. All of this suggests that the Sub Mini will cost less than the expensive $ 749 Sub (Gen 3). Unfortunately, the screenshot doesn’t provide definitive details on pricing and release date. Still, the idea of ​​Sonos offering a cheaper subwoofer, even if it has some limitations, is going to be appealing to fans.

Sonos didn’t have much to say about the screenshot when Engadget reached out to the company. “We’re constantly working to provide our customers with an even better listening experience, but we have nothing to say about our future product roadmap,” said a Sonos spokesman. Take this how you want.

Update 3:52 p.m. ET: Added comment from Sonos.

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