Streacom DB1 Max ultra-compact fanless Thin-ITX PC case

If you are considering building a mini ITX PC rig, you might be interested in a new fanless PC case developed by the team at Streacom. The Streacom DB1 Max ultra-compact fanless Thin-ITX chassis will be available in the first quarter of 2022, although pricing or global availability has not yet been confirmed. The ultra-compact PC case has a duel heat sink design that doubles the cooling surface and offers up to 65 W cooling.

Streacom DB1 Max fanless PC case

Fanless cooling mechanism for PC cases

“The DB1 is an ultra-compact fanless ITX based on the same design as the DB1, but with a duel heatsink design that doubles the cooling surface and provides up to 65W cooling. This increased cooling capacity makes it ideal for more powerful desktop systems with integrated graphics and is the reason why Streacom calls it “MAX”. “

Fanless PC case front

“The front and rear walls are made of 4 mm thick aluminum and the double heat sinks are made of 21 mm thick extrusion profiles. The 4 structure columns are also made of solid aluminum with a diameter of 16 mm, all of which are sandblasted / anodized, which gives the entire housing a first-class look and feel. The top and bottom panels are meshed for improved natural convection and reduce heat build-up inside. The front I / O is modular and compatible with other cases of the ‘D’ series, so it can be replaced by a USB Type-C or future I / O option. “

“The cooling is based on both side walls, the laying of the heat pipes is more complicated in order to avoid components, which is why the housing is limited to THIN-ITX motherboards, as the standard ensures both flat components and a fixed position of the CPU sockets.”

As always, we will keep you informed as soon as further information on prices and availability becomes known.

Source: Quiet PC: Fanless Tech: Streacom

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