Introduction to Raw Export – a new data service from GameAnalytics

We’re all about analytics (there’s a hint in our name) and using it to help you grow your games. And we’re always looking for ways to make data processing even more difficult for you. So we’ve added a new service to our already impressive list – Raw export.

Here’s how you can put your data into action.

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With Raw Export you can automatically export all raw event data of your games in JSON format without manual intervention. So every day, player data from your GameAnalytics account will be added, preprocessed and made available directly to your AWS S3 account. It even packs it into a clean and neatly compressed file that contains raw unaltered events, all still with their properties and timestamps. No fuss, no faff.

What can I use raw export for?

Get very close to your data with batch or streaming processes. You can do custom analysis of non-aggregated data, export it to your own tools, combine it with data from other sources, implement your own data pipeline … pretty much any data-related activity you can think of (within reasonable limits, of course). ).

It doesn’t stop there either. You can also use custom event fields – a series of key-value pairs that you can add to all of your events. You can only get this through the raw export (it’s not available in the GameAnalytics tool). Find out more.

How does it differ from other GameAnalytics products?

Check out this table to see how it compares to our other data services.

Not sure if Raw Export is right for you?

In this case study, learn how the tech startup TapNation is using Raw Export to make faster decisions about game updates. You may also want to read our FAQs.
We’re really proud of Raw Export – and all of our other products – and we love to talk about it (we are great fun at dinner parties). So if you want to chat with us, just fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Right, I’m sold. How do I get raw export?

Raw Export is one of our premium services. And that means you have to pay for it. Since our mission is to help indie developers get their first hit by giving them access to all areas of analysis, our core tool will always be free. But adding paid services like this means we can grow as a company. That gives us more money to make our free analytics product even better.

The good news is that it’s really easy to order Raw Export using your GameAnalytics account. Simply log in and click “Data Services” in the left menu to get started.

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