Formula E says the third generation car will be the most efficient racing car in the world

Formula E has announced its supposedly most efficient racing car in the world. The teams will use the third generation (Gen3) electric car in the 2022-23 season and can start testing in the spring.

The Gen3 is not only lighter and smaller than the Gen2, Formula E and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) say that at least 40 percent of the energy used in a race is generated by regenerative braking. As such, the Gen3 will be the first formula car without hydraulic rear brakes.

The Gen3 is also the first formula car with both front and rear drives. The 350 kW drive train at the rear is supplemented by a 250 kW drive at the front. With a total of 600 kW, they more than double the regeneration capacity of the Gen2.

In addition, the engine can deliver up to 350 kW (470 hp) of power and a top speed of 200 mph. According to Formula E and FIA, the power-to-weight ratio is twice as efficient as a comparable internal combustion engine.

Formula E.

The Gen3 was designed for sustainability. It’s net zero carbon and broken pieces of carbon fiber are recycled. Meanwhile, tires will consist of 26 percent sustainable materials.

“When developing the Gen3 car, we wanted to show that high performance, efficiency and sustainability can coexist without compromise,” said Jamie Reigle, CEO of Formula E. “Together with the FIA, we have built the most efficient vehicle in the world and more sustainable high-performance -Race car. The Gen3 is our fastest, lightest, most powerful and most efficient racing car to date. “

Formula E has not yet fully shown the design of the Gen3. Only a few teaser images were released. However, since the teams will be testing the car in a few months, it shouldn’t be too long before we take a closer look at the vehicle.

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