Hex 3D printer filament drainer helps remove moisture from your filament

When your 3D printing filament could use some revitalization and has absorbed a little too much moisture from the air, causing your 3D prints to deform. You might be interested in a new 3D printing filament dehydrator that brings your 3D filament back to life with the simple push of a button, say its creators.

A simple clue to see if moisture is getting into your 3D printing filament is if small bubbles form during printing in which the water evaporates when it hits the hot printhead. The small bubbles can be seen in the final print and will degrade the final finish, which will require further rework to achieve a smooth finish. The recently launched project is now available with special early bird rates starting at around $ 49 or £ 37 (depending on current exchange rates).

Remove moisture from your 3D printing filament with Hex

“An intelligent filament dehydrator that brings your filament back to life with the push of a button. No complicated settings or interface. The powerful setup can dehumidify the chamber in just 10 minutes with minimal power consumption. Perfect prints avoid time-consuming post-processing. We have made Hex ° as simple as possible because restoring your filament is actually a simple process. The only goal in mind: WATER / MOISTURE OUT. “

If the Hex crowd funding campaign successfully achieves its required commitment target and the project progresses smoothly, it is expected to ship worldwide in May 2022. To learn more about the Hex 3D Printer Filament Dehydrator Project, watch the promotional video below.

“Hex was developed to be robust and durable. With simple circuitry, strong parts and high quality components, Hex ° is designed to do the job it was designed to do over and over again. Since you can’t overdry the filament (unless you melt it), presets are useless and confusing. Wouldn’t it be much easier to push a button and not worry about it? “

“THETA ° is a renewable energy technology company that offers the possibility of a renewable, sustainable and better future. This applies to all products. Everything we have built is and will be better than anything else, because everything has to be used efficiently for a sustainable future. “

For a full list of all available early bird specials, stretch goals, additional media and other features for the 3D printer filament dehydrator, jump to the official Hex crowd funding campaign page by visiting the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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