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Increase home security with intelligent technology

Smart home technology has grown in popularity significantly in recent years. In the USA, 70% of consumers own at least one smart home device, and most plan to add more.

This type of technology is wonderful for adding convenience to your life. A smart thermostat can keep your home at the perfect temperature while lowering your electricity bills. With a smart speaker system, you can hear your favorite music all over the house.

But beyond convenience, intelligent technology is practical. It can protect your home and family if you use the right devices.

So if you want to Protect your property from natural threats or from someone trying to cause harm, how can smart technology help?

Intelligent security systems

Nobody wants to think about someone trying to break into their house. Unfortunately, even the safest neighborhoods experience crime occasionally.

Surveillance cameras like this Google Nest Cam IQ are among the most popular smart home accessories. Image: Digitized house media.

Fortunately, there are several smart devices that can help you deter thieves and ultimately catch any culprit trying to ravage your home. Some of the ways Enhance your home security contain:

  • A smart door that can only be opened with your fingerprint
  • Security cameras that can be viewed on your phone
  • Setting up your lights and devices to turn off your phone
  • Motion sensor lighting

These functions can be special helpful when you are away and you want your home to look active and inhabited, but they can be used anytime. In addition, a high-tech security system can add value to your home, an investment that you can feel comfortable with.

Maintenance of the living space

Smart technology can protect you from human threats, but it is also great for dealing with issues beyond your control, including general home maintenance issues.

Unless you’re a contractor or a house inspector, it’s not uncommon for maintenance issues to go unnoticed until they turn into major (and potentially expensive) problems. With intelligent technology, You can spot these problems before they get out of hand.

One of the best technologies to start with is a intelligent water monitor. This device can detect leaks in your home including pipes in the walls, send an alert to your phone, or even turn off the water pipe automatically. You can call a plumber to fix the problem before you have a mess on your hands.

Smart water devices like the Pani Smart Water Monitor can significantly protect your home from leaks.  Image: Digitized house media.Smart water devices like that Pani Smart water monitor, can provide significant security against leaks in your home. Image: Digitized house media.

Smart technology also makes maintenance planning easier. With a digital device, you can set up reminders for maintenance planning, sign up for subscription services to receive parts regularly, and keep track of what items have been worked on in the past. Some smart devices can even warn you when they are not working properly or need repair so you don’t have to make any guesses!

Protection and Prevention

After all, smart technology can keep you and your family safe by making everything in your home the way it should be. For example, Installation of an intelligent smoke detector which can detect both CO levels and smoke, can protect you from a fire and send an alert to your phone.

There are also intelligent air quality monitors helpful for family members with respiratory problems. If the air quality in your home is a concern, you will receive an instant alert so you can take action. Some devices can even tell you what is causing the air quality problem in the house or which area of ​​the house is worst.

Installing these proactive and preventative devices can go a long way towards keeping everyone safe and healthy. Smart home technology will stay and become more and more innovative over time. It’s okay to start small with a smart device or two that suit your needs. Over time, you can always add more and be assured of the security of your home.

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