Apple AirTag sent to North Korea again (video)

Some of our readers will remember when Jono from MegaLag sent his Apple AirTag to North Korea, he sent several AirTags to Elon Musk and Tim Cook at the same time.

Before that, Jono sent two AirTags to North Korea, neither of them arrived, they were both sent via DHL so he decided to send a third AirTag to North Korea to see what would happen.

As we can see from the video, the previous two AirTags were not delivered to North Korea as DHL told North Korea that they would not accept packages due to Covid-19. So part of DHL says that packages can be sent to North Korea and another part says that they cannot be sent.

Now the third package has been sent to North Korea with the Apple AirTag and as we can see from the video, something similar has happened to the package. This was sent to South Korea and then sent back to Germany, the company did not provide any information about where the package was.

It seems that DHL managed to lose the packages three times in a row, although they can still be tracked thanks to the Apple AirTags. We’re excited to see what happens to the latest package to see if it shows up.

Source & Photo Credit: MegaLag

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