Haxson Smart Airfan with Alexa support and more $ 199

Haxson is a new intelligent air fan that is equipped with a multitude of different functions and thanks to its integrated loudspeaker, light, intelligent functions and. is able to clean, heat and more Alexa Compatibility. After raising over $ 3.5 million from over 16,000 backers, the project is now available through Indiegogo Indemand. The cylindrical air fan can be positioned anywhere you need additional cleaning, warmth or cooling and is quiet enough to be mounted near your bed and provide you with fresh, clean air while you sleep.

Haxson Smart Airfan filter

Early booking promise from the supporters are now available for the innovative project starting at around $ 199 or £ 149 (depending on current exchange rates) and offer a sizable discount of approximately 50% off the final sale price while Indiegogo crowd funding is ongoing.

Haxson Smart Airfan

“Why don’t you see this combination more often? That’s because most of those who tried either had to lower the fan speed or make a ton of noise to get it to work. With the double motors from Haxson, the inlet and cleaning each have their own fan! And so minimum noise leads to maximum performance. With a spacious chamber for excellent airflow, the fan function lets you completely forget about those heat waves. Align it vertically or horizontally to get the perfect angle. “

intelligent fan

If the Haxson campaign successfully achieves its required promise target and manufacturing progresses smoothly, global delivery is expected to occur sometime in July 2022. To find out more about the. to experience Haxson Smart Airfan Project check out the promotional video below.

“Separate climate zones make it easy for you to enjoy your own temperature at night and to cuddle up to your loved ones. Don’t worry about energy consumption with Haxson by your side, with high thermal efficiency and a long lifespan without question. 10 heating levels to choose from! Our PTC ceramic heating plate will help you heat up faster, keep you safer and reduce energy consumption! Most importantly, your skin stays hydrated. “

Haxson Smart Airfan

“With a brushless DC motor, the service life and air supply are matched to ideal dual motor conditions and the efficient hollow design is optimized for you. Our proprietary design directs 100% of the wind where you want it, unlike traditional fans which waste up to 70% all the time. Optimize power consumption, noise and airflow through Haxson. “

intelligent fan filter

For a full list of all available commitment options, stretch goals, additional media and technical specifications for the Smart Airfan, please visit the Haxson Crowd Funding Campaign official page by following the link below.

Source : Indiegogo

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