Phi Mainboard 5LC 3D printer controller available for $ 149

3D printing enthusiast pc is waiting for the launch of the new open source ESP32 3D printer controller, which comes with wireless and ethernet connectivity and the shape of the previously announced Phi mainboard 5LC board from Likha Labs. We’re excited to learn that the hardware is available now on the Crowd Supply website for just $ 149. The shipment is expected to take place in July 2022. Free shipping is available throughout the United States and worldwide shipping is an additional $ 14.

3D printer controller

“Phi Mainboard 5LC is a 3D printer controller with a focus on network connectivity. In addition to all of the things that other controller boards can do, Phi provides a web interface that you can use to interact with your printer over the local network. With Phi, you no longer need a separate single-board computer (like a Raspberry Pi), which saves you money, simplifies setup and saves you long startup times. The functional scope of Phi is geared towards 3D printers, but can also be used to drive other digital manufacturing devices such as CNC machines. “

“Phi is powered by two processors: an ESP32-S3-WROOM module and a SAM E51 microcontroller. The former takes care of the network, SD storage, USB communication and displays; The latter processes kinematics, stepping, digital and analog I / O and other real-time controls. This role delegation ensures that motion control and other time-critical processes are not hindered by the network. Whether your network is wired or wireless, Phi is there for you. You can start using your printer over Wi-Fi and then eventually choose to use a wired connection. Or the other way around!”

“Phi’s web interface, Duet Web Control, allows you to upload G-code files, configure settings, start jobs, control the device and monitor prints. It even adapts to different screen sizes so you can use it from a PC, tablet or smartphone. Phi operates RepRapFirmware, which has a great legacy in the world of 3D printing and to which numerous advances are attributed. It supports Cartesian, Delta, CoreXY, Polar and most other kinematics. More importantly, you can configure RepRapFirmware without having to rebuild it. Most of the settings in the firmware, especially those of the kinematics, are configured with G-Code so that you can even make changes in no time! “

Source : Mass supply

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