Kärcher electric mop (EPM 2) cleans floors effortlessly

Mopping tiles or parquet is never an enjoyable job and would always be at the bottom of my to-do list. However Kärcher created a new one Electric mop (EPM 2), which provides an easy and convenient way to quickly clean a wide variety of different hard floors. Traditional methods of cleaning hard floor surfaces include using the dreaded mop and bucket system, where water splashes on your appliances and furniture, causing more problems than it solves.

Kärcher electric mop

Kärcher has reinvented the old mop and bucket and offers an alternative to the 21st. Thanks to the rotating wet rollers, you can use the electric mop to quickly remove spills, stains and other dirt from your floors by simply moving the mop head over the surface to be cleaned.

Kärcher electric mop

Kärcher electric mop (EPM 2) properties

  • 20% better cleaning performance than a conventional mop.
  • Since you don’t have to worry about cables, the EWM 2 gives you unlimited maneuverability, making wiping a breeze.
  • Clean every inch of the floor with a unique roller design that lets you clean all the way to the edges of baseboards and cabinets.
  • This machine saves up to 90% water compared to a mop and a bucket by automatically distributing the perfect amount of water on the rollers.
  • Let floors dry in just 2 minutes thanks to dirty water rangefinders and super-absorbent microfiber rollers.
  • A double tank water system ensures that clean and dirty water are kept separate at all times.

Equipped with a two-tank cleaning system, the Kärcher electric mop makes it easier to clean floors in the kitchen and bathroom. The system offers color-coded rollers that are easy to replace and clean, so you can use one set for your kitchen floor and another for your bathroom and toilet floor. The slim roller head makes it easy to clean under furniture and around objects, so you can clean up to the edges if necessary.

“The EWM 2 achieves up to 20% better cleaning performance in the“ Mopping ”test category than a conventional mop with a floor cloth cover. These are average test results for cleaning efficiency and edge cleaning, ”explains Kärcher.

Kärcher electric mop (EPM 2)

Kärcher offers a set of cleaning rollers together with a charging stand, charging cable and power supply, with which you can charge the electric mop in a few hours, when it is fully charged, wipe it for up to 20 minutes. More than enough time to take care of a number of rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or toilets.

Double cleaning tank water system

The Kärcher electric mop (EPM 2) is equipped with a two-water tank cleaning system. With the clean water tank behind the upright handle and the dirty water collection tanks, which are positioned in the roller head directly above the rotating rollers, you catch all of the dirty water when you wipe. Since your surfaces feel slightly damp, this water evaporates quickly, leaving your floors clean and dry.

One point that could be improved with the mop design is the charging station, which simply holds your electric mop upright but still requires you to plug the charging cable into the back of the mop. It would be much better if the mop started charging when the mop touches the charging station so that you don’t have to fiddle around with a charging cable every time you want to use it. As with most rechargeable portable devices, some terminals can connect to the electric mop and start charging automatically. While this may add an extra cost to the overall price, it would definitely be an improvement over the current charging system.

Kärcher electric mop

Kärcher offers a small bottle of cleaning fluid (Universal RM 536, 30 ml) and more is available in the official Kärcher online shop as well as in the online dealer in 500 ml bottles. Replacement wiper rollers are also available, along with additional ones color coded rolls as explained before. Thanks to the wireless freedom of the electric mop, you can cover large floor areas in no time at all, and thanks to the compact design, you can easily stow the electric mop during cleaning.

The Kärcher electric mop (EPM 2) measures 305 x 226 x 1220 mm and is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that takes 4 hours to fully charge from empty to full. It has two centrifugal rollers, each 300 mm, which are supplied with clean water and detergent from a 360 ml water tank. The waste water is then collected in the waste water tank with a capacity of 140 ml, which can easily be removed and rinsed clean under tap water.

Kärcher electric mop

While reading through some reviews from online ecommerce providers, some customers have had difficulty removing the platen head wastewater drawer because they found it difficult to remove. Personally, I didn’t find that a problem. After you have pressed the button on the front to remove the yellow housing cover, the dirty water tray can be easily removed, rinsed, washed and replaced. Manufacture of the Kärcher Electric mop (EPM 2) an ideal solution for wiping tiles, wooden floors or laminate.

“The EWM 2 floor cleaner with two tanks makes it possible – goodbye to the conventional mop. The rotating rollers are constantly wetted with fresh water, while the collected dirt ends up in the waste water tank. Thanks to its slim line shape and the flexible swivel joint, the EWM 2 not only reaches comfortably under furniture, it also saves storage space. The floor drying time is only about two minutes and is therefore perfect for use on all types of hard floors (e.g. tiles, parquet, laminate, PVC and vinyl). The strong lithium-ion battery enables a running time of approx. 20 minutes, which is sufficient to clean an area of ​​approx. 60 m² “

25% discount for a limited time

After using the Kärcher electric mop (EPM 2) for several weeks, I can only warmly recommend the electric mop as an alternative to conventional floor cleaning. It is faster and easier to use than a robot mop. As I mentioned earlier, the only problem is the need to keep the charging cable plugged in all the time. However, this is a minor inconvenience and I am sure it will be considered in future designs. The Kärcher Electric Mop 2 is now available from a 25% discount for a limited time, offers the opportunity to get a bargain with additional free shipping included through the link below.

Source : Kärcher

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