Twitter is revising its malicious tweets reporting process

Twitter is testing A new process for reporting tweets is a major overhaul to make it easier to report malicious behavior on its platform. With the change, the company changes the way users can flag tweets and significantly expands the criteria that can be included in reports.

In a blog post, Twitter says it is revising the process to take a “people first” approach, where the reporting process starts with asking users “what happened” rather than expecting them to find out Which of the company’s complex policies may have been violated. . This is a major change from the current process of requiring users to navigate through a series of menus and identify certain rules that have been violated by the tweet in question.

Instead, the new reporting flow allows users to indicate who was attacked and then describe how it happened. For example, it includes much more detailed ways to report hate speech, including hate speech directed at groups of people. Once users have described the incident, Twitter will suggest which of its rules might apply.


The company says this process is both easier for users and could help the company further improve its policies and processes. “The more first-hand information that is collected about how people experience certain content, the more precisely Twitter can address or ultimately remove it,” the company writes. “This rich pool of information still provides Twitter with valuable input to improve people’s experience on the platform, even if the tweets in question do not technically violate the rules.”

Twitter is currently testing the new reporting flow with a “small group” of users in the US and plans to expand it to more people in 2022.

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