STEM Plant Monitor and Growth System teaches about photosynthesis and more

A new STEM electronic plant monitor and rearing system have been developed with the fantastic Micro: Bit mini PC that kids and adults alike can use to learn more about it photosynthesis, monitor the condition of the plants with sensors and, as a side effect, cultivate them successfully. The kit was released through Kickstarter and is now available to be returned with Early booking promise are now available for the novel project starting at around $ 66 or £ 49 (depending on current exchange rates).

Plant monitoring functions

“A plant kit that invites you to the plant wonderland, where plants can tell you their needs to thrive. All you need is the courage to make the magic happen! Introducing Connect + plans, a smart planting kit that will help you grow tomatoes, mint and sunflowers successfully the first time. By learning about sensors and programming, you can empower plants to express their needs. “

If the CONNECT + PLANT crowdfunding campaign successfully achieves its required pledge target and the project progresses smoothly, global shipping is expected to happen sometime in February 2022.

Micro: Bit STEM plant growing system

“Monitoring the plantation is DIFFICULT, don’t you think? They are silent all the time and do not show their needs until the situation becomes really critical. The fact of the matter is, plants need water and sunlight to grow, but exactly how much does it take for your plant to thrive? Stop trial and error learning, save innocent lives by planting in smarter ways. Our kit contains a micro: bit control board for temperature monitoring and intelligent sensors for displaying soil moisture and light intensity. You can then develop a way to closely monitor the plant’s growth rate and know its needs in a timely manner. “

Plant monitor

A full list of all available early bird promises, stretch goals, additional media and technical specifications for the STEM plant monitor and growing system can be found on the official CONNECT + PLANT crowd funding campaign page by following the link below .

Source : Kickstarter

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