Tiny camera the size of a grain of salt made with Neural Nano-Optics

Researchers at Princeton and the University of Washington used neural nano-optics to develop a tiny camera the size of a grain of salt that can capture breathtaking images. The camera measures only half a millimeter and uses optical Meta-surfaces With machine learning to create high quality color images.

Researchers used neural nano-optics to develop the tiny camera, which combines optical metasurfaces with image reconstruction based on neural features to interpret the data and produce higher quality images. “To recreate images from the measured data, we propose a feature-based deconvolution method that uses a differentiable inverse filter along with neural networks to extract and refine features,” says senior author Felix Heide, assistant professor of computer science at Princeton.

Camera the size of a grain of salt, created with Neural Nano-Optics

“Optical meta-surfaces are based on a new method of light manipulation that uses cylindrical posts on a small, square surface. The posts with different geometries function like antennas that can capture incoming photons (waves of electromagnetic radiation). These waves are then sent as signals from the metasurface to a computer for interpretation and creation of an image. The team tested machine learning algorithms with a simulator and compared different antenna configurations. With 1.6 million cylinders on the optical surface and complex light interactions, the simulations require an enormous amount of memory. “

“The team is now working on adding more computing capabilities to the camera and will include functions such as object recognition and sensors for medicine or robotics in future iterations. In addition, they see an application in which ultra-compact imagers transform surfaces into sensors. “

For more information on Neural Nano-Optics for High-quality Thin Lens Imaging, please contact the official Website.

Source : NVIDIA

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