Recruiters say crypto firms are seeking tech, legal, and financial leadership

The crypto industry has seen astronomical growth in recent years. Now talent recruiting experts say crypto companies desperately need good leadership to scale their business.

Once viewed as an emerging market, crypto is now a fast-maturing industry that attracts a lot of talent, David Richardson, partner at executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles, told Cointelegraph. “It is all driven by the growth rate of these companies and the recruitment of executives who can help them grow and keep pace with the growth rate of the company,” he said.

Crypto companies are looking for executives who have successfully scaled companies. They are ready to take such talents on board with no prior knowledge of crypto or digital currency, added Heidrick & Struggles engagement manager Adrianna Hühnergarth. “We see a great need for leaders of engineering executives who have built large teams,” she continued.

According to experts, the most in-demand skills for the C-suite are engineering, legal, finance, going to market, and business development. Expertise aside, companies look for low ego executives who show adaptability, passion and enthusiasm for growth and the mission of space.

Since the regulatory landscape is different in each country, the importance of regulatory and law enforcement officers makes a lot of sense, said Hühnergarth. “Many of the companies we’ve worked with had a regional focus rather than a more traditional, centralized way of doing things.”

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Remote working is a major incentive for the crypto ecosystem to attract the top talent, Hühnergarth said, adding that many companies have given up their headquarters. Long-term incentives and cash compensation are also high enough to keep talent.

“[Crypto] Companies have the money and offer high-level talent who only have a year or two of crypto experience with offers they can’t refuse. “

Some companies are more technical than technical across the fintech ecosystem, and some companies are more financial than technical across the fintech ecosystem, emphasized Richardson. Much of this culture is determined by the founding team and how they built it early on. He explained that while most crypto companies start out with a core technology team, they will need GMs, sales, finance, legal, and compliance talent to expand.

As the company grows, a lower level of technical proficiency will do, he added. As the technical barriers lower, those more experienced in investing in alternatives may find crypto an excellent way to explore.

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