Cleer Audio Alpha ANC headphones with adaptive active noise cancellation

Cleer Audio introduced its new Alpha Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation headphones this week, available in Midnight Blue and Stone. Alpha is the company’s flagship noise canceling wireless headphones and offers spatial audio, Multipoint connectivity, ambient mode, and powerful distortion-free audio, as well as ANC.

“The ALPHA wireless, intelligent noise-canceling headphones are revolutionizing the enjoyment of music on the go with spatial audio and industry-leading adaptive active noise cancellation. With Cleer’s patented, award-winning 40mm ironless driver, Bluetooth 5.1 connection, Qualcomm’s cVc-2 microphone solution and 35 hours of playback in ANC mode, ALPHA delivers the best wireless audio quality, impressive sound and audio performance. On the daily excursion, ALPHA’s adaptive noise suppression and the improved ear pads with cooling function significantly improve the comfort of the user. The ALPHA is an advanced, personalized lifestyle product, more than just headphones. “

Cleer Audio ANC headphones 2

Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (AANC): Adaptive ANC automatically changes the noise cancellation volume on its own, detects changes in the frequency of the sound reaching the listener, and adapts in real time to achieve the best possible performance. While others offer their variations on this feature, Cleer focuses on simplicity of execution while optimizing the technology by introducing a low-power, 24-bit stereo CODEC based on one-bit delta-sigma modulation to support an adaptive approach to noise reduction. It focuses on meeting the needs in different listening environments while maintaining open and crystal clear audio performance.

Cleer Audio Alpha ANC headphones

Dirac Virtuo – Dirac’s patented algorithms deliver a compelling sound experience without complicated and expensive hardware upgrades. Optimal and immersive audio without the need for specially encoded 3D formats. Dirac onboard offers a faster, easier and cheaper way to get the perfect signature sound. Their tuning system and technology deliver incredible performance with lower lows, higher highs, and a midrange so thick you can feel it. That is high-precision and transparent spatial audio. “

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Cleer + App, user interface: The user interface has been expanded with reduced buttons, swipe / touch controls and integrated intelligent assistants. With swipe control and the Cleer + app, consumers have additional options for controlling and optimizing their experience. The Cleer + app allowed our designers to reduce the number of keys and eliminate a cluttered group of keys that resulted in incorrect key presses. The app also allows users to optimize headphone performance for both the sound and noise canceling features.

Industry Leading Battery Life: Engineers focused on low power chipsets and software management to extend the lithium polymer battery life to 35 hours of playback with noise canceling enabled. If the consumer needs a small additional battery to get them to their destination, we have integrated a quick charge function that charges the battery for 4.5 hours with a quick 10-minute charge when using the USB-C charging port . This extended battery life ensures that the user does not run out of battery while driving. “

For more information on purchasing options for the new Cleer Audio Alpha ANC headphones, please visit the official product page by following the link below.

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