Goodtimes sturdy plastic storage boxes

If you’re looking for a convenient way to take your gear with you on your next adventure or keep it organized at home. You may be interested in a new range of sturdy foldable plastic storage boxes designed and developed by the team at Goodtimes. Early booking confirmation at a special price are now available for the inventive project starting at around $ 48 or $ 37 (depending on current exchange rates) and offer a sizeable discount of about 45% off the retail price while Kickstarter crowd funding is ongoing.

Features of the Goodtimes foldable storage boxes

  • Locking system open at the top and side
  • Lock inside to fix and strengthen the box structure
  • Cover plate: transform into a coffee table / camping table (matte finish-acrylic-laser-emblem-logo)
  • Easy Access Side Door: Even when the boxes are stacked, it is easily accessible
  • Card holder on each side: reminder of the contents of the box
  • Stackable storage system: intelligent storage in your house or garage, stackable both when folded and unfolded
  • Trunk organizer: No more messy trunk, can be folded up when not in use
  • Foldable system: open and fold in a second. Easy to use collapsible instant storage solution
  • Recycle PP material (-10 ° C ~ 90 ° C)
  • Color: dark gray / cream and translucent
  • Size 19L: 41 x 29.5 x 22.5 cm. Load capacity: 30kg

foldable storage boxes

“We have always dreamed of a stylish coffee table, stackable storage box, camping table or trunk organizer that is light, foldable and easy to transport that could be used at home or outdoors. Here we have created the “Goodtimes Foldable Utility Box”. We have completely redesigned the meaning of collapsible containers. Whether you’re chilling out with friends at home, camping outdoors, fishing, or just looking for stylish stackable storage boxes to create some home / garage space. “Goodtimes Foldable Utility Box” is a pleasure for you! “

Assuming the Goodtimes crowdfunding campaign successfully achieves its required commitment target and the project progresses smoothly, it is expected to ship worldwide in March 2022. To find out more about the. to experience Good times Rugged Foldable Utility Storage Box Project Play the promotional video below.

“We have redesigned the foldable system, which opens and folds super quickly in one second. We also reinforce the box structure with 4 locks inside the box. We have redesigned the top and bottom of the box to strengthen the stacking system. stackable both when folded and unfolded. In contrast to other stackable storage boxes, which can only be opened in one direction at the top. We have developed an easily accessible side door so that you can easily access each box even when the boxes are stacked. “

“We know we always forget what’s in our storage box, so we not only added 3 card holders on the top and sides of the box, but also created a translucent box so you can see the contents of the box without it to open it. With our iconic Goodtimes logo on the front and the Lightning logo on the side, the “Goodtimes Foldable Utility Box” becomes a stylish piece of furniture in your home and is perfect for camping, automotive, grocery, sports, garage and playroom. “

For a full list of all available pledges, stretch goals, additional media and technical specifications for the foldable utility storage boxes, please visit the Goodtimes crowdfunding campaign official page by visiting the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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