Nifty News: Melania Trump drops NFT, Arabian Camels makes NFT films, and Whitney Houston continues to sell hits

This week, catch up on news related to non-fungible tokens (NFT), from restaurants to movies and music. Below is a roundup of stories not to be missed.

Melania Trump’s eyes become an NFT

Former first lady Melania Trump started their own NFT platform and released their first digital collectible titled “Melania’s Vision” which will be in stores for the rest of the month.

“Melania’s Vision” is a watercolor work of art by the artist Marc-Antoine Coulon. The limited edition digital artwork will be available for 1 SOL ($ 150) and includes an audio recording of Mrs. Trump. The Melania Trump NFT platform uses the Solana blockchain protocol and is operated by Parler, an alternative social media network.

“Melania’s Vision” NFT by Marc-Antoine Coulon. Source: Melania Trump

A portion of the proceeds from Melania’s NFT collection will go to children in the care system and their education, according to the official website. The exact percentage was not disclosed.

The upcoming film production will be decentralized

The Arabian Camels NFT community first created a collection of 12,012 digital camels living on the Ethereum blockchain. Now Arab have camels in partnership using the swap protocol to produce a $ 50 million decentralized NFT feature film called “Antara.” Antara is based on the adventurous life of Antarah Ibn Shaddad, an ancient Arab knight and poet.

Budding film distributors can buy up to 50% of the intellectual property rights to “Antara” and pay for the film to be distributed in cinemas and streaming channels. Swapp enables Arab camels to incorporate DeFi functions into the production of the film. Swapp’s NFT farming utility will enable Arab camel NFT owners to generate passive income from their collectibles.

Alexander Amaratei, the producer of Antara, divided in a statement that his vision was to “create a system to produce films that typically cost more than $ 50 million, completely risk-free. This system would not only eliminate funding risks, it would also allow films to be owned by the fans, the NFT owners. “

Investment in IRL NFT exhibits

Most NFTs typically live on a digital wallet behind a screen. Danvas, a startup aiming to help NFT owners physically showcase their pieces, announced this week a $ 7 million seed round led by Greycroft, LererHippeau, VaynerX, and others.

Danvas envisions monitors or projections showing digital works of art but decorated in a personalized way with museum quality details and a luxurious feel. A waiting list is currently open to galleries and private collectors. Jeanne Anderson, CEO of Danvas and former general manager of Saatchi Art, said she sees this moment as “the beginning of a renaissance in digital art”.

gm! Danvas develops the world’s first luxury digital display specially designed for #NFTArt. We are very happy to be there #NFTCommunity! #NFTCollectorsTo find out more, add yourself to our waiting list

– Danvas (@Danvas_Art) December 14, 2021

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VeeFriends, was one of Danvas’ seed investors. Vaynerchuk supports the project because he believes that “one of the missing links between the traditional and digital art worlds is the display. How can you present your pieces in such a way that they reflect their value and importance? ”Danvas will be on the market in spring 2022.

Whitney Houston’s never-before-heard recording as an NFT. sold

The latest music news featured an unreleased track sung by Whitney Houston at the age of 17 sold auctioned on the OneOf platform for $ 999,999. This shot was part of the OneOf Iconic Auction collection of rare images and videos from Houston, which has sales of over $ 1.1 million to date.

The owner of the Whitney Houston “OneOf One” NFT received the trailer video, full personal rights to the demo track, and a music video created by 17-year-old NFT artist Diana Sinclair. OneOf is powered by the Tezos blockchain.

The collaboration between Whitney Houston and Diana Sinclair sold for $ 999,999 (that’s 260+ ETH, 224,178 TEZ).

among the most expensive NFTs ever …

more than five times the record on the tezos blockchain

– Diana Sinclair (@dianaesinclair) December 15, 2021

Applebees Restaurant hosts “Metaverse Mondays”

As part of a “Metaverse Mondays” campaign, Applebees will release a new NFT for sale every Monday in December. This week the restaurant chain sold its first NFT of a Technicolor burger created by New York artist Amber Vittoria for $ 25. The buyer also received an Applebee gift card worth $ 1,300, enough to buy a year’s worth of burgers. Details of each upcoming release will be revealed on Applebee’s Twitter. Other restaurant chains like Domino’s and Taco Bell have too got into the business with NFTs recently.

Your favorite Applebee burger has surpassed reality and is the first Metaverse meal! Get started now and created by NFT artist @amber_vittoria #MetaverseMonday

– Applebees Grill + Bar (@Applebees) December 13, 2021

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Other nice news

The animated TV series South Park offered a somber take on NFTs in his “Post-Covid-19” episode this week. Criticism likened NFT investing to a violent and seemingly apocalyptic future.

Adidas recently teamed up with Bored Ape Yacht Club, GMoney, and PUNKS Comics to advance his Metaverse ambitions. On Friday, the sportswear brand launched its own NFT collection entitled “Into the Metaverse”, which promises exclusive access to physical and digital products and services.

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