The mini bread board power plant is perfect for prototyping your electronic projects

Electronics enthusiasts might be interested in a new breadboard powerhouse that is perfect for supporting prototypes of electronic projects. Simply attach the power station to your breadboard and it can provide a multitude of different voltages in the form of 3.3V, 5V, + 12V, -12V as well as adjustable voltages between 1V-25V with currents up to 1.5A. Created by Walid Issa, an electronics engineer and solution developer based in Sheffield, UK. The mini power plant is perfect for the hobbyist, developer and manufacturer. Early booking promise from the supporters are now available for the electronics project starting at around $ 40 or £ 30 (depending on current exchange rates).

Functions of the mini bread board power plant

The board was tested under the highest current of 1.5 A and a thermal top view and side view are shown below. The plate can be considered warm if the temperature does not exceed 53 ° C. 1. Stretch gate | £ 70,000: TikStation with OLED An OLED display is added to show the voltages and currents for each output. 2. Stretch gate | £ 90k: Master Electronics Kit The circuit board is made as a kit with all the basic electronic parts required to start your projects i.e. resistors, capacitors, inductors, LEDs, diodes, transistors, motors, sensors, lamps, soldering irons and multimeters.

If the Mini Power Station’s crowdfunding campaign successfully achieves its required commitment target and production progresses smoothly, it is expected to ship worldwide sometime in March 2022.

“3. Stretch Goal | £ 120,000: Electronics Curriculum for All Levels The electronics kit board comes with a curriculum suitable for all levels of learning from basic to advanced subjects. 4. Stretch goal | £ 200,000: OPEN SOURCED All designs, project details and files will be open source on Github. “

For a full list of all available support options, stretch goals, additional media, and technical specifications for the breadboard power solution, jump to the Mini Power Station crowdfunding campaign official page by following the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

  • The board accepts different input options: USB-C (5-20V), standard USB (5V), lithium-ion battery (3.7V and higher), lead-acid battery (6V to 24V)
  • It offers multiple outputs at the same time with different polarity than (3.3 V, 5 V, +12 V, -12 V and adjustable)
  • You can get two adjustable outputs
  • It can handle loads with a high current of up to 1.5A. take care of
  • It offers short circuit protection and overheating protection
  • It ensures even heat distribution for less heating and a longer service life
  • Large input range 3.3V-25V from USB charger, power banks, batteries or other power supplies
  • Large output range 1.2V – 25V
  • Compatible with breadboard
  • It has a separate LED display for each output
  • Several inputs can be connected at the same time without any problems. The highest input is given priority

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