Pu mindfulness and meditation watch $ 45

If you find smartphone applications that help you meditate a little awkward and irritating, you may be interested in a new meditation clock that is specifically designed to help you become more mindful meditative state, in the form of the Pu clock.

When the pu clock is not in use it shows the time, but a simple push of a button turns the clock into meditation mode and allows you to add minutes to your timer. When you’re ready, press the start button and begin your meditation, and a singing bowl chime will mark the beginning of your meditation.

Meditation clock

“A stressed out optimist and a rethinking realist mutually admitted that they were both meditation failures. After making all of their excuses, they realized that there was a common theme; they were both distracted by their cell phones. Tony and Ryan tried all of the meditation apps, but something about the mere presence of a phone in the room stopped them from true mindfulness meditation. They scoured the internet for a simple meditation timer, but all they tried had a startlingly loud and high-pitched alarm, or overly complicated functionality that undermined any benefit they had just gained from sitting peacefully. “

Pu mindfulness and meditation clock

Early bird promise are now available for the novel project starting at around $ 45 or £ 35 (depending on current exchange rates). If the Pu crowd funding campaign successfully achieves its required pledge target and the project progresses smoothly, the worldwide shipping is expected to happen sometime in January 2022. To learn more about the Pooh Mindfulness and Meditation Clock Project, watch the promotional video below.

“As child philosophers, Tony and Ryan wanted this new venture to be a light-hearted and pragmatic approach to meditation, so they came up with the name Pooh. This elicits a giggle from your inner child, but also reminds you of the philosophical concept of Pooh or the “uncarved block”. This is the state of pure potential which is the basic condition of mind. They hope this watch will help others find the peaceful separation that they themselves have sought as mindfulness meditation practitioners. “

“As a“ thank you ”for your support, you will receive your Pu watch (s) from the first run, which is financed by this Kickstarter. Then you can help Tony and Ryan give up the phone; Focus on the here and now, one breath at a time. The design is a barebone, minimal cube with two buttons. That’s it. You don’t have to read a manual or play around with countless buttons and dials to begin your meditation journey. “

A full list of all available project commitments, stretch goals, additional media and other functions for the mindfulness and meditation clock can be found on the official page of the Pu crowd funding campaign by visiting the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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