The Morning After: The Best Things We Bought In 2021

Our year-end coverage starts this week and covers the top tech stories of the year (hello billionaires in space) and, closer to earth, the gear the Engadget team developed spent her money in the past eleven and a half months. It ranges from Apple Watches to smart bike trainers and, uh, socks.


I’m discussing my love for the OLED switch, which I upgraded to from my launch edition of Nintendo’s hybrid console. The screen is gorgeous, as are the white Joy-Cons, but the biggest boon of the first Switch iteration is the significant battery boost. It also appears that Nintendo’s inventory of the new Switch is a bit more stable, so the chances of getting one this holiday season are better than they were earlier this year. Oh and Metroid Dread runs on it like a dream.

– Mat Smith

The standard range models will “only” have a 98 kWh battery.

According to Auto Evolution, Ford quietly announced the available battery capacities of its Ford F-150 Lightning Electric pickup. Initially, the standard range model comes with an estimated range of 230 miles on a 98 kWh battery. Meanwhile, the optional Extended Range version (300 miles targeted) will have a massive 131 kWh battery.

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Other specifications include a 300 Hz 1080p display and a 93 Wh battery.



LG is best known for its lightweight Gram 17 laptop, but now it wants some of that gaming PC pie. It has unveiled its “first gaming laptop” with some high-end specs. The 17-inch UltraGear 17G90Q model features an 11th generation Intel Tiger Lake H CPU, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Max-Q graphics, up to 32 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage. A 300Hz 1080p IPS display should keep battery life reasonably long, while the design aesthetics seem heavily inspired by Razer’s laptop lineup and other existing gaming PCs. There’s no price yet, but LG will announce more details at CES 2022 on January 4th.

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Unfortunately all came back 30 minutes later.


Virgo galactic

In place of the world’s two most powerful empires vying to be the first to reach the moon, we now have corporations – Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic – boasting a future of exoplanetary tourism. In 2021, the heads of these private companies finally kept their innumerable promises and successfully promoted civilians, astronauts and, in two cases, themselves to the top of the earth’s atmosphere. Andrew Tarantola plans the starts, delays, and drama of the civilian space race.

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The company filed a lawsuit in California to uncover the identity of the perpetrators of the attacks.

Meta has filed a federal lawsuit to expose the “identities” of a group of people who have created more than 39,000 websites designed to trick users into giving out their Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp login credentials.

People were redirected to fake websites in a way that allowed the hackers to hide their actions. “This enabled them to hide the real location of the phishing websites, as well as the identity of their online hosting providers and the defendants,” Meta said.

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It reverses the rollback of the Trump era.

By 2026, the Environmental Protection Agency will require automaker fleets to travel an average of about 55 miles per gallon, up from the 37 miles per gallon standard they’re held to this year.

The agency estimates the directive will save American motorists between $ 210 billion and $ 420 billion in fuel bills by 2050. Over the life of a 2026 model year vehicle, this should translate into savings of approximately $ 1,080 for the individual consumer. It is President Biden’s most important climate protection measure to date. As of 2019, the transportation sector remains the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the US.

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Beats Studio Buds dropped to $ 100 on Adorama

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