Slider 2.0 mini titanium tactile fidget slider button

After the success of their first generation of sliders tactile fidgeting made of titanium, The Compnay’s design team based in Ukraine, returned to Kickstarter this month to showcase its second generation Slider 2.0 Fidget Slider. Offers a refined version of the mini titanium tactile button, inspired by the switch buttons on smartphones. The latest generation is available in a variety of different colors and shapes, depending on your preference.

Slider 2.0 mini titanium tactile fidget slider

Early booking confirmation at a special price are now available for the novel project starting at around $ 39 or £ 29 (depending on current exchange rates).

“Whenever I’m nervous or fidgety, which usually hampers my work regime – if I use a switch button during this time (that would normally be on my smartphone) – I can’t stop turning it on and off! We found it to be a new, interesting and even exciting idea – it’s inspiring because there are actually many variations within this concept! “

If Slider 2.0’s crowdfunding campaign successfully hits its required pledge target and manufacturing goes smoothly, it is expected to ship worldwide sometime in February 2022.

“All of our SLIDER are precisely cut from titanium using CNC machining – their buttons are also manufactured using the same technology. Each SLIDER contains: two handcrafted magnets in the base and one magnet in the button supplied. The shapes of our buttons are also carefully CNC-milled – we will tell you a few paragraphs below! It is also corrosion resistant, which gives the titanium products a very long-term use and lifespan / potential. “

“To answer that question, I’ll say that after analyzing the needs and wants of our customers and even our friends, we now better understand the meaning of the handle (try again to reference): Each of you and we ourselves have different needs and understandings when it comes to anti-stress devices: Some want them to be soft, benign and quiet, and others – made of a hard material and loud noises. “

For a full list of all available early bird specials, stretch goals, additional media, and full specifications for the fidget slider, please visit the Slider 2.0 crowdfunding campaign official page by visiting the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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