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Strong WiFi a welcome gift for vacation visitors

It seems that we get news of travel restrictions and notices of holiday get-togethers every day during this holiday season. You may not yet know exactly what your vacation plans will be, but whether virtual or in person, there are steps you should take to ensure that every aspect of your celebration is buttoned up to anticipate the unexpected.

This could include shopping for groceries for a large or small gathering, wrapping gifts at home, or shipping to friends and family out of town, and making sure your WiFi can accommodate a dozen people at a time, or virtually accommodate a dozen people . A recent survey by Wakefield Research and Xfinity found some interesting findings that show how important WiFi performance is, no matter what your celebration this year is.

One key statistic that was pretty revealing was that half of Millennials and almost as many Gen Xers (47%) think WiFi has become more important for holiday celebrations than it did before the pandemic.

The survey also found that nearly a quarter of Generation Z (23%) and Millennials (24%) will be attending hybrid or virtual gatherings this year.

It’s clear that vacation plans are still in flux just days before scheduled gatherings, but in any case, WiFi is fast becoming one of the more important aspects of the holidays, no matter what your home is like.

Do you have an in-person or virtual vacation meeting? Before guests arrive, follow our checklist to maximize the performance of your WiFi network. Your guests will thank you! Image: Digitized house media.

So that you can prepare for the holidays in your home, here are six tips to cover all the basics regarding strong WiFi in the next few weeks.

  1. Most importantly, restart your gateway

With the latest software and speed updates, your WiFi gateway is better equipped for the WiFi needs of your guests. To ensure that your WLAN continues to run at top performance, disconnect your gateway for 5-10 seconds a few days before your party before reconnecting it. After a few minutes it will turn on and be ready for your guests.

  1. The gateway is the focus

Whether or not a traditional main course is in the center of your Pinterest-inspired table landscape, your router should be the focus of the gathering. Most of your guests will meet in your living room and kitchen. So find a prime location around 1.5 m above the ground so that your gateway can reach the most frequently used areas of your home with the strongest WiFi signal. It has been waiting for its chance in the spotlight all year.

  1. Share the WiFi password early

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember your WiFi password – or maybe your WiFi password is still an inside joke from your youth. Hit the most frequently asked question from your guests (except when we eat) and update your gateway’s password. For Xfinity customers, you can just go through that xfinity.com/myxfi or the handy one Xfinity app. Identify your network and select “Edit WiFi” to change your password to one that is easy to remember (and festive!). Remember to change it again after your guests leave!

  1. Power of the pod

If you have enough space to house your entire extended family, you will likely need to keep your guests connected throughout your home. The kids in the playroom in the basement need just as strong a connection as the vacation movie streamers upstairs! Take advantage of one Xfinity xFi pod to expand your WiFi connection and eliminate dead spots in hard-to-reach areas that are remote from your gateway.

  1. Press pause

When it’s finally time for dinner, take some time to “take a break” and enjoy a meal with loved ones. With the Xfinity app, you can pause WiFi access for your guests to remove digital distractions and spend quality time with the family. Nobody looks at TikTok or looks over their shoulder at the TV under your watch. If the kids need some relaxation after dinner, you can implement the Xfinity app too Parental controls and set up “Bedtime” mode.

  1. Stream in peace

Once everyone has gone back for seconds and thirds and the dessert is destroyed, take some time to recover from your food coma. Sit back on the couch and stream your favorite family TV shows and movies available for free to Xfinity Internet customers through the Flex 4K streaming box. Enjoy holiday classics or start new traditions with the latest blockbusters.

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