WittBoy intelligent weather station from $ 180

If you are interested in upgrading your current weather station with a few more features or are just thinking of installing it to easily monitor the weather at home or in a small business. You might be interested in a new one intelligent Weather station called WittBoy, which was started this month via Kickstarter and, thanks to over 230 supporters, has already exceeded its required promise target with 20 days left.

Smart weather station for outdoors

Early bird promise are now available for the innovative project starting at around $ 181 or £ 134 (depending on current exchange rates) and offer a sizeable discount of around 30% off the suggested retail price while the Kickstarter crowd funding campaign is ongoing.

Weather station has 2

“Whether you are a weather enthusiast or just someone who needs to know what the weather is like right now, WittBoy can be a new and unique weather station for you to protect your family and property with instant alarm. As a solar-powered, undemanding device, you can easily install it on the roof, garden or driveway of your house. Your private weather station records data on temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, light and UV values ​​as well as precipitation and reports them to you via the ecowitt app or the website. “

Assuming that the WittBoy crowdfunding campaign successfully achieves its required commitment target and the project completion goes smoothly, it is expected to be shipped worldwide in March 2020 WittBoy Weather station project Check out the promotional video below.

“We know it’s not just about knowing whether it’s going to rain or not. If you are a weather enthusiast, outdoor enthusiast, or a professional or hobbyist who relies on weather factors and trends before engaging in any activity. Conventional rain gauges are not good enough. They work by moving mechanical elements that tend to vibrate on windy or rainy days, the drain opening can be blocked by leaves, so the conventional rain gauge is also demanding in terms of maintenance and cleaning. “

Functions of the weather station

“WittBoy, on the other hand, is equipped with a haptic precipitation sensor at the top, which precisely measures the amount of precipitation in detail: with rain detection and rain stop interpretation functions. This particular sensor does not vibrate, is not affected by even harsh weather conditions, and is designed to work precisely in any context.

Equipped with an integrated solar panel on the top for charging Super CAP to ensure night use, your own weather station has the advantage of being a solar powered device. Wherever you place it outdoors, there is no need to charge it or even worry about it. Its solar panel ensures that WittBoy runs at full power – and on longer rainy days its backup batteries are switched on to maintain its functionality. “

For a full list of all available commitments, stretch goals, additional media and full specifications for the weather station, please visit the WittBoy crowd funding campaign official page by visiting the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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