According to LG Display, its new ‘OLED EX’ technology improves the brightness by up to 30 percent

LG display has revealed its next generation of OLED technology called “OLED EX”, which is said to increase brightness by up to 30 percent compared to conventional OLED displays, the company said. That could help fix OLED’s biggest flaw Mini LED Technology, namely a lack of overall brightness.

As LG Display points out, each OLED pixel emits light independently, which means it can be completely turned on or off. This allows televisions to display perfect blacks without “blooming” on LED televisions, but at the same time OLED pixels cannot achieve the same brightness levels as LEDs. Current OLED sets can display peak brightness levels of up to 500-600 nits, while mini-LED sets can reach 2,000 nits and more.

LG display

To make OLED sets brighter, OLED EX (Evolution / eXperience) uses deuterium compounds so that the light emitting diodes emit stronger light. “When stabilized, the deuterium compounds allow the display to emit brighter light while maintaining high efficiency for a long time,” said LG Display.

OLED EX also enables improved color accuracy. It appears to be using algorithms to predict the use of 33 million OLED diodes in an 8K display, so it “precisely controls the power to the display to more accurately express the details and colors of the video content being played”.

The company has also updated its designs by reducing the thickness by 30 percent and reducing the bezel size on 65-inch OLED displays from 6 to 4 mm. The company hasn’t yet announced when it plans to launch the technology, but it did note that OLED sales rose 70 percent over the past year, despite the global TV market declining 12 percent. “With our new OLED EX technology, we want to offer even more innovative high-end customer experiences by further developing our OLED technology, algorithms and designs,” said Dr. Oh Chang-ho from LG Display.

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