Quick tip: Find hidden files with Java

In this programming tutorial and quick tip, Java developers will learn how to find hidden files and how to reveal whether a file is hidden or not. Here is a quick Java code example on how to find a specific hidden file:

* / import java.nio.file.Path; import java.nio.file.Paths; import java.nio.file.Files; import *; public class ChkIfFileIsHidden {public static void main (String args[]) {ChkIfFileIsHidden chkIfFileIsHidden = new ChkIfFileIsHidden (); chkIfFileIsHidden.proceed (); } continue private void () {try {path currDirAndFile = Paths.get (“./ a.txt”); // Create a file a.txt and set its properties to hidden System.out.println (“Files.isHidden (” + currDirAndFile + “):” + Files.isHidden (currDirAndFile)); } catch (IOException ioe) {System.out.println (“Exception:” + ioe); }}} / *

You can expect the following output if you run this java code in your IDE or code editor:

[[email protected]]# java ChkIfFileIsHidden Files.isHidden (. a.txt): true

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