Wyze Scale S review: Highly functional and affordable

Wyze Scale S review: Highly functional and affordable

RRP $18.99

“The Wyze Smart Scale S offers a full range of health-related metrics at an affordable price.”


  • Payable

  • Easy to use and set up

  • Tracks a variety of health information

  • Allows multiple user profiles


  • Only works with a few third-party applications

  • Does not always record measurements

It’s January and that means thousands of people are trying again to reach their goal weight. It also means that Libra isn’t always your friend. After a strict diet, waking up before sunrise to run, and all the other steps you take to shed those pounds, you step on the scale hoping you’ve shed a few numbers.

The problem is that exercising isn’t just about weight loss — you’re building muscle at the same time, and muscle weighs a lot more than fat. Did you know that a bodybuilder can technically be “overweight” despite being in better physical shape than 90% of other people?

The Wyze Scale S provides numerous health metrics at every weigh-in.

The Wyze Scale S can help you more accurately measure your actual body composition, not just your weight. I tried it for a couple of weeks.

More than just a scale

As with most smart scales, the Wyze Scale S requires you to stand barefoot on its four sensor points. It takes several seconds before you get a display that not only shows you your weight, but also your body mass index (BMI) and muscle mass. This is the standard tariff for most smart scales, but the Wyze Scale S takes it a step further with a lot more information, including:

  • body fat
  • muscle mass
  • body water
  • lean body mass
  • bone mass
  • protein
  • visceral fat
  • BMR
  • metabolic age

The scale provides an incredibly detailed breakdown of key readings about your body. But while this information is useful, it’s also not entirely accurate. These measurements are all estimates based on algorithms. You would need an actual medical device to give you accurate readings of this information, but the Wyze Scale S can give you a rough idea of ​​your current fitness level.

Every time you step on the scale, your numbers are automatically recorded in the app (assuming your phone is within Bluetooth range). The app creates a graph of your weight history over time.

You would need an actual medical device to give you accurate readings of this information, but the Wyze Scale S can give you a rough idea of ​​your current fitness level.

When you select body fat, muscle mass, or another metric, it explains what each term means and also shows your own measurements on a color-coded chart. It shows where you are on the chart using terms like average, below average, or above average, which is helpful when you’re not exactly sure what the numbers mean or what a healthy range is.

However, the features don’t just stop at scaling. The app itself also includes some useful tools – like the ability to measure your heart rate. The way it does that is kind of interesting too. You will be prompted to cover your phone’s rear camera with one finger and then cup the phone with your other hand so that the light reflects towards your finger.

The Wyze Scale S companion app automatically tracks your weight every time you step on the scale.

Your phone’s camera measures the pulsation under your skin and is fairly accurate. I tested it with a high-end fitness tracker at the same time and got the same result. If you want to quickly check your heart rate during a workout (and the old method of pinching your fingers to your neck and counting just doesn’t work for you), the Wyze app can pull through in a snap.

However, in my opinion the best feature is the pet/kid mode. Have you ever wondered how much your pet weighs? This mode allows you to step on the scale empty-handed, then step on the scale with your pet and calculate the difference in weight, giving you an accurate measurement for your pet (or child).

Spoilers: My chunky cat weighed 14.9 pounds and strongly refused to be weighed.

If you want to quickly check your heart rate during a workout, the Wyze app can come through in no time.

The main problem I’ve encountered with smart scales is that they tend to focus on a single user. The Wyze Scale S allows you to have more than a single user and track each one’s measurements separately. You can also set up a guest measurement if someone wants to weigh themselves without affecting your tracking.

setup and installation

Setting up and working with the Wyze Scale S was as easy as pulling it out of the box and connecting it via the app. The only real requirement is that you place the scale on a hard surface. Carpet interferes with the sensors, so you’ll need to place it on tile or hardwood for it to work properly.

I have found that weight measurements are not recorded correctly if your phone is too far from the scale. If I left my phone in the living room and stepped on the scale in the bathroom (about 25 feet away), it didn’t record the measurement on the app.

There are a few additional options available to you in the app. For example, you can set a specific weight goal to work towards. This will appear every time you open the app. You can also choose to display weight in imperial or metric units, and you can authorize Wyze to work with third-party apps like Apple Health and Fitbit. Those are the only two options I’ve found, which is a bit disappointing – I’d have liked to see the inclusion of other big fitness trackers like Garmin.

The Wyze Scale S has a reflective surface that captures footprint.

You can export your health metrics to your email for a specific week, month, year or any other time period. If you keep records or use the measurements for medical purposes, this can be useful information for your doctor.

Our opinion

The Wyze Scale S strikes an excellent balance between affordability and functionality. It even has an athlete mode for those who train more than 10 hours a week for more accurate tracking. It’s one of the best smart scales I’ve worked with and has become my favorite way of measuring myself.

Is there a better alternative?

For the price, the Wyze Scale S is hard to beat. At around $20 you won’t find any more of a functional scale. If you want more functionality with a far greater selection of fitness apps, Withings Body+ offers 100+ different apps and integrations for $100.

How long it will take?

This is a scale, so it gets a little abused. Between kicks, accidental kicks, and bumps against the wall, you can expect the Wyze Scale S to take a little damage here and there – but it’s well made and comes with a one-year warranty from date of purchase. I expect it will last for many years with proper care.

should you buy it

Yes, without a doubt. If you’re looking for a smart scale to help you track your fitness goals, you can’t go wrong at this price point.

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