Lizzo wants to perform in the first metaverse music awards show

like it or not, the metaverse is becoming an increasingly popular music venue — including, apparently, for ceremonies. As Hollywood Reporter ,Logitech has revealed what it says is the first music awards show in the metaverse. The second annual Song Breaker Awards will take place in Roblox on April 30th at 1PM Eastern, with pop star Lizzo making her virtual performance debut. Social media star Bretman Rock wants to host.

The awards show will honor ten creators who either started or “amplified” internet trends, including musician Gayle (who has thrived on Billboard’s Song Breaker Chart) and Grammy nominee Walker Hayes. Personalities like Jaden Smith, Roblox veteran MeganPlays and Twitch streamer Shroud so wants make appearances.


You can already access a pre-event “experience” and virtual Logitech store in Roblox. If you miss the main show, you can still watch two additional performances on the 30th (4PM and 5PM ET) and one on May 1st (12PM ET).

Yes, Logitech is capitalizing on Lizzo and overall metaverse buzz to draw attention to its gig. However, it’s really an extension of past efforts to bring music performances into digital spaces. Virtual concerts have been happening for yearsand some of them have been hugely popular. The Song Breaker Awards just move that entertainment from a specific game to a full-fledged platform, and it won’t be surprising if there are similar awards presentations before long.

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