This 27-inch gaming monitor is $159 for Cyber ​​Monday

It’s Cyber ​​Monday deals day, and you want a great gaming monitor! what to do We say to buy a 27-inch gaming monitor from ASUS while it’s just $9 short of being 50% off. That’s correct, the ASUS TUF 27-inch Gaming Monitor is only $159 at Walmart right now, down $140 from its $299 traditional price. This price for the ASUS TUF 27-inch Gaming Monitor is quite remarkable, with the last sale still seeing this monitor sitting at $200. So, if you’re the thrifty type looking to get in on a historical deal, this is your chance.

Why you should buy the ASUS TUF 27-inch Gaming Monitor

The ASUS TUF 27-inch Gaming Monitor is a flat screen, 1080p monitor with a wildly responsive 165Hz refresh rate. This means that when spaceships, balls, and moving targets zip across your screen, they will stay smooth instead of blurring out. In our gaming monitor buying guide, we discuss response time — the time it takes for a pixel to change in color — in more detail, but we’ve decided that the 1ms response time of the ASUS TUF 27-inch Gaming Monitor is amongst the best of modern gaming monitors. These ultra-fast transitions will allow for pixel-perfect headshots. You’ll only have server lag to blame if you miss!

As for color, the ASUS TUF 27-inch Gaming Monitor uses Shadow Boost to make even the darkest corners of the dungeon pop alive. Instead of being so dark you can’t see or so bright the smallest candle oversaturates your screen, you’ll instead see a happy medium. Additionally, it uses Adaptive-Sync to both NVIDIA GeForce and FreeSync with AMD Radeon graphics cards so that you can use your machine’s hardware to the fullest.

If you’ve been enticed, go ahead and buy the ASUS TUF 27-inch Gaming Monitor for just $159. Again, that’s $140 down from its base price of $299 and a historical savings rate of nearly 50%. Then be sure to check out our Cyber ​​Monday gaming PC deals to find the perfect box to pair your new screen with. On the contrary, if you found these deals not up to your liking, comb through our selection of the best Cyber ​​Monday gaming laptop deals.

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