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Tips for home alone Pets from August and Wag!

Smart Lock Maker August Home and Animal Carers Wag! have teamed up to make pets left home alone safer and happier. In addition to special package deals for August Smart Lock Pro, the companies have put together some suggestions on how to make pet grooming safer and easier while you are away.

Day visits, completely keyless

Your pet can benefit greatly from a day visit, and in many cases it is an essential activity. If you can’t get away from work in person to see your pet, the Wag can immediately schedule a day visit! App or website, and a qualified caretaker can come over to see after your pet.

Your pet is eagerly waiting for a day visit. Image: August-Heim.

Instead of leaving a key under the doormat, upgrade your front door with a smart lock. By installing the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect package with Smart Keypad at a special price (be sure to use code AUGUSTWAG for $ 100 off, valid until November 1, 2021). The caregiver can be granted secure access via the August app or by entering a PIN code on the August Smart Keypad.

An August Smart Lock Pro setup.  Image: August-Heim.An August Smart Lock Pro setup. Image: August-Heim.

Leave toys to play with while you are away

Animal experts say the best way to keep your pets (especially dogs) from going crazy and getting into trouble while people are away is to introduce them to toys intelligently. By carefully introducing new toys into your pet’s everyday life, he or she can learn to associate playtime and time with your absence, making time home alone less stressful and reducing anxiety.

Customize a shelter

Instead of having to lock your pet up while you are away, take the time to make the home a safer haven so they can move around more freely. Start by dog-proofing your space, making sure the trash can is secured, plants are cleared away or put on high shelves, and in general, checking that accidents aren’t happening.

We have seen firsthand how many dogs love a special doggie bed. By adding their favorite toys and blankets to the bed, they will naturally and safely retreat to their safe place when tired of playing. Don’t forget the chew toys.

Safer and smarter

Your pet is unabashedly an integral part of the family. It makes sense to approach your home time with careful thought and preparation. They will no doubt reward you with affection the moment you return home.

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