Neat Worker Bee II condenser microphone now available

Neat Worker has announced the availability of its new Bee II condenser microphone priced at just under $ 170 (cardioid medium) membrane Condenser microphone offers XLR output and comes with an internal capsule shock mount, making it perfect for recording, streaming, gaming and pod casting.

Neat Worker Bee II condenser microphone

– Ideal for vocals, streaming, guitar amps, brass, drums and other “big” sounds
– Detailed, silky pickup of vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
– Tight recording pattern enables recording, podcasting, streaming and gaming in untreated rooms
– Proprietary 25mm mid-diaphragm condenser capsule with internal shock mount
– cardioid characteristic; XLR output
– Beautifully styled modern design; bespoke discrete Class A electronics for excellent audio quality

“The Neat Worker Bee II is a solid-state, cardioid condenser microphone with an internally shock-mounted, medium-sized 25 mm capsule and discrete Class A electronics that can handle high sound pressure levels with a wide frequency and dynamic range. The Worker Bee II is the ideal creation tool for recording, podcasting and streaming applications. It sounds great on guitar amps, brass, live recordings, drums, and other “big” sounds, but retains a level of detail that brings out the nuances in vocals, spoken voice, and plucked instruments like acoustic guitar and percussion. In addition, the compact size of the Worker Bee II is perfect for positioning in tight spaces. Release a Worker Bee II in your home or studio and you will quickly be rewarded with the hardest working microphone in the business! ”

For more information on full specifications, please visit the Neat Worker Bee II Condenser Microphone’s official product page by following the link below.

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