The Morning After: Oppo tries to build a Google Glass for China

The vision of Google Glass is not dead. Or at least it was revived by Oppo. After last year’s AR Glass concept, the new Oppo Air glass will be available in the first quarter of 2022 at an undisclosed price. It comes in two parts: a detachable monocle (in black or white) and a separate frame. And no, you can’t clip the 30 gram device onto your own glasses.

The focus here is on simple information that is displayed in a 640 x 480 image on a waveguide display. My favorite part might be the software Oppo has, including a teleprompter display that you can set the scrolling speed for. (Although, yes, you would have to wear this thing in front of your audience …)


Right now, Oppo says the smartwear is only available in China, so it could be an even rarer place than Google’s original Glass.

– Mat Smith

It has a battery that lasts three hours.



LG is introducing two new TVs with unusual designs at CES 2022, including the recently announced Premium OLED Evo television with motorized cover. The other is literally a wireless television on wheels. The StanbyME has a built-in battery and you can roll it in and out of any room in your home. The 27-inch display sits on a swiveling stand with hidden wheels, and you can adjust its height to suit its position.

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You can also see how your stats this year compare to 2020.

Nintendo is in the mood for the year-end and is emailing many of its users to see how it’s done they spent time with their switch during the past 12 months.

The 2021 iteration is not much different from last year’s iteration. Again, you’ll see the total number of hours you’ve spent over the year and the total number of games you’ve played. There’s also a breakdown of how many hours you’ve played each month, in addition to a review of your most active day. You can also see how much time you spent between handheld and docked modes.

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And easier to recycle.



Dell may not be the most popular PC company in terms of Customer servicebut it is common leads the company charts for environmentally friendly initiatives. Working with Intel, the company has developed a new laptop called the Concept Luna, with the goal of making future PCs easier to repair, reuse, and recycle.

Dell said if all design ideas were considered, a computer’s carbon footprint could be reduced by up to 50 percent compared to current laptop models. Redesigned components make better use of space and improve passive cooling while reducing power requirements. This, in turn, enables a smaller, deep cycle battery with a “long charge that can be sustained for many years, increasing refurbishment and reuse beyond the initial product life,” said Dell.

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It applies to models from 2018 with a free trial of 3 to 10 years.

To the consternation from some owners, Toyota’s remote control feature requires a paid subscription service of $ 8 per month. This applies to 2018 and later models, but was recently revealed when the free trials of Toyota’s Remote Connect subscription expired.

Toyota lets owners start vehicles like that RAV 4 PHEV remotely in two ways. One is over WiFi / LTE with its Remote Connect apps – these cost $ 8 per month or $ 80 per year. The other is to use the key fob. However, if they didn’t read the fine print, owners may not have known that the key fob method was also part of the Remote Connect subscription. Toyota confirmed to The Drive that they will need a paid subscription for every 2018 and newer Toyota model in order to use the feature.

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