MeoTools – an all-in-one dashboard for tracking cryptocurrencies is to be expanded

A Vietnam-based team recently launched MeoTools (, an all-in-one dashboard for crypto tracking. With the multifunctional MeoTools dashboard platform, users can:

  • Keep an eye on your portfolio in real time
  • Receive different types of notifications for tokens and your overall portfolio
  • Track asset data including price, trading volume, liquidity, project socials and more
  • Simply exchange coins and tokens
  • Use interactive charts to analyze the market with useful information

As early as October 2021, the MeoTools team completed a platform audit by Certik with a passed grade. This ensures that users using the MeoTools platform have little risk of something dubious happening to them.

The project is still in the development phase and would like to support more chains in the future, but currently supports Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon. In addition, MeoTools will soon release a version of the dashboard exclusively for mobile devices.

MEO token

In addition, the platform contains a native token that is anointed with “MEO”. Its tokenomics allow holders to benefit from additional features and subscriptions to the platform.

Version 1 of MeoTools supports Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon

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