How to convert decimal numbers to octal numbers in Java

Radix conversion is an important aspect of programming regardless of the language a developer is using. Java provides a few utility methods that can support these functions and conversions. In today’s quick tip tutorial on Java programming, we’ll show programmers an example of how to convert decimal values ​​to octal values.

The following code shows how to convert decimal values ​​to octal values ​​using Java:

* / public class ConvertToOctal {int decimalNum = 345; int octalRadix = 8; public static void main (String args[]) {ConvertToOctal convertToOctal = new ConvertToOctal (); convertToOctal.proceed (); } continue private void () {String octalNum = Integer.toString (decimalNum, octalRadix); System.out.println (“Octal value of” + DecimalNum + “is” + OktalNum); }} / *

When you run this code in your code editor or integrated development environment (IDE), you get the following output:

[[email protected]]# java ConvertToOctal Octal value of 345 is 531

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