The Morning After: Ubisoft’s NFT Battles

It’s nice when the blockchain power is in balance. With the recent boom in NFT success stories (and millions of them), we have the other side of the coin. Ubisoft’s attempts to sell NFTs in connection with its Ghost Recon series of games didn’t go well. The game company launched its own Quartz NFT platform to monetize game features.

Unfortunately, according to Eurogamer, Quartz only sold 15 NFTs of a Ghost Recon Breakpoint weapon skin until yesterday. As of yesterday, it appears to have sold two more M4A1 tactical guns and a Wolf Enhance Pants # 76 for a total of 18. Based on their prices, that’s roughly $ 1,755.30 in sales. But Ubisoft seems to have coined roughly north of 3,000 NFTs in total. As many have noticed, Breakpoint doesn’t have the most seductive visual aesthetics – nor is it Ubisoft’s greatest trait – which makes it an odd choice to start Ubisoft’s NFT trials.

In other news, CES faces the Omicron threat and many companies are pulling out of the show in early January. Amazon, Meta, and some other big tech players will no longer be represented at the fair due to the spread of the latest COVID-19 variant. The Engadget team will also no longer participate in the show personally, but our remote coverage still ensures you get all the important information about the Las Vegas tech show.

– Mat Smith

Look at the LG DualUp monitor in confusion

Hardly vertical, somehow desirable?


I think the pandemic really helped LG’s creative juices flow. In addition to its unusual new televisions, the company has introduced a new monitor with “Square Double QHD”, two screens stacked on top of one another.

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Billionaire Twitter founder Jack Dorsey railed on Twitter about Web3

Those damn VCs.

CEO Jack Dorsey took to Twitter to warn blockchain enthusiasts that Web3 has already been taken over by investors. “You don’t own Web3,” he said, “the VCs and their LPs do. It will never escape their incentives. It is ultimately a centralized entity with a different label. You know what you’re getting yourself into … “Dorsey is no longer CEO of Twitter and still runs a company that is heavily involved in blockchain technologies.

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‘The Matrix Resurrections’ is brilliant, but not for everyone

Another divisive Matrix sequel?

DARKWarner bros.

There are minor spoilers in it, so I haven’t read Senior Editor Devindra Hardawar’s thoughts on The Matrix Resurrections. However, I’m sure many of you will be intrigued by how the movie turned out. US readers subscribed HBO max: You can watch it indoors without going to a movie theater.

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Researchers hacked a home COVID-19 test to give false results

The bug has been fixed, but it still shows the potential for fraud.

F-Secure researcher Ken Gannon discovered a security flaw in Ellume’s nasal swab test with Bluetooth connectivity that allowed him to modify the reported results. The vulnerability was complex, but still worrying. It has now been patched.

Gannon used a rooted Android device to examine the Bluetooth traffic that Ellume’s lateral flow tester was sending to the company’s mobile app. The researcher identified the traffic that was used to view test results and wrote scripts to modify the result. F-Secure Marketing Manager Alexandra Rinehimer even managed to fool Azova, a company that issues certificates for US entry tests.

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The biggest news you might have missed

Tascam makes brand new tapes for its old four track recorders

2021 was the year streaming hit our cultural buttons

Three and EE offer 4G and 5G access across the London Underground

Nikola will pay $ 125 million to settle SEC fraud charges

Arturia is giving away a free Lo-Fi tape plug-in for the holidays

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