The Morning After: Is it worth the wait for ‘Halo: Infinite’?

The wait is finally over. After a year-long delay, the legendary Xbox hero has Master Chief is back. New toys and combat mechanics are coming with Halo Infinite, while many players also benefit from major cosmetic upgrades when playing on the latest Microsoft consoles.

Senior Editor Jessica Conditt played through the single player campaign mode – while we wait for the rest of the game – and it still seems a lot like a Halo experience, for better and worse. Read their full impressions correctly here.

– Mat Smith

Yes, Spider-Man and The Rock are here.


Epic has officially released a trailer detailing what to expect in both Chapter 3 and its first season “Flipped”. The new island is the star, with the reversal of Chapter 2’s finale resulting in a complete overhaul of the landscape that includes chaotic weather. The gameplay changes are arguably more important – you’ll need to rethink your tactics.

The slide and swing mechanics should help characters move (and dodge) faster, while camps will help your squad heal and store items that stick around between games. You can also earn XP beyond battle royale and keep a victory crown if you keep winning – you may mark you as a major threat during the battles.

New characters? Spider-Man should go well with the new swinging mechanic, but you can also play as the Fortnite character from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, The Foundation, or Marcus and Kait from Gears of War.

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Customers couldn’t get any help.

eBay has confirmed that a “small number” of users were accidentally banned on December 3rd. The company did not provide a cause or the extent of the problem, but said it had fixed the bug and notified those affected.

There may have been a significant number of victims. Reddit users devoted a large thread to the bans, noting that there were no potential red flags for at least some of the accounts. People were suspended even if they had excellent buyer and seller histories or hadn’t used eBay in years.

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We wouldn’t get too upset.



IKEA has sold a variety of wireless chargers since 2015, but never one that you could use without plugging into an electrical outlet. It looks like that is about to change, with pictures of a new Nordmärke portable Qi charger going online courtesy of some hawk-eyed Reddit users. We also have some details about the device thanks to the German media company mobiFlip, which they received from a reader who bought one in a store in Cologne. It’s not known yet if the charger will appear elsewhere, but with these specs, you probably won’t be missing out on much.

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Theft can be difficult to track.

The BitMart crypto exchange lost the equivalent of 196 million US dollars (originally estimated at 150 million US dollars) to a hack. The intruder broke Ethereum and Binance wallets with a flurry of remittances that began around 2:30 p.m. ET on December 4, followed by an exodus of tokens two hours later that included Shiba and USDC.

It’s not clear who was responsible, and the stolen funds have been sent to an Ethereum mixing service that could make it difficult to trace.

While this isn’t the biggest digital heist (the Poly attacker looted $ 610 million in August), Coindesk notes that this is one of the bigger centralized stock market hacks.

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The company doesn’t want app makers to mention payment alternatives.

Apple is calling for a judicial review of an August warning from Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service that allows developers to mention alternatives to the App Store’s in-app payment system. FAS gave Apple until September 30 to change its policies, but the company refused to change its rules despite threats of a fine.

The opposition is similar to Apple’s litigation in the US. The judge in Epic’s lawsuit against Apple ordered the tech company to direct App Store developers to other payment systems, but Apple appealed the injunction in hopes of delaying it. The court denied the motion, and Apple will have until December 9 to advise app makers of other options. The company will make exceptions to its policy for some media apps in 2022.

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